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Early Down and Out Radio Archives

This is just a collection of Mike Sledge's archives previously hosted on the DrewMa DrewMao network.

1 Sledge will be bringing on David from Texas to discuss the destruction of paganism and polytheism via the installation of the Judea Chrisitian Brainwashing Religions. This was done to seperate humans from nature and to get people to stop praising things they could actually see. As we see the replacement of the SUN with the SON. In this discussion David and Mike will also discuss the hijacking of occult topics by various disinformation agents within this fake "truth" movement.


2 Mike and his guest-Bobby 5 cents-(the underground rock and roll historian) will be discussing the beatles, john lennon, tavistock institute the british invaSION, tripping on psychedelics in your parents basement, the establishment manufactored and created 60s hippie counter culture movement especially as it pertains to music and much more will be discussed, including-did the jews kill lenon? PEACE MAN

3  Greg from NJ joins Sledge to discuss, economics, the middle east, and most of all DA JOOS! This broadcast promises to continue to expose the current HASBARAT TRAP we all live today.....BE THERE!!!!!!


4 Nationalism vs Internationalism w/ Kyle Hunt


5  "Braking down October my favorite month. October the occult, Halloween, October Suprises Hypnotizes the Goy! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! OY VEY!!! Join me for one hell of a time!!!! This show will be all encompassing... BE THERE!!!!"


6  "The Jewprint: The recent presidential debates. How the jewish controlled media is now introducing violent pimp/rap culture, along with WWF style tactics into this years election. MMA ultimate fighting culture creation, and the jewish controlled use of this propaganda to create the Ultimate bread and circus for our consumption. Also how the EJP completely controlled the questions and answers in the debate. Also the economic reset, the new energy boom, predicted by Romney in the last debate. Big Big Show.....OOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooh!"


7 "Today on Down and out radio it is part two with David from Texas. It is our Halloween broadcast. We will be going once again into the occult world, political world, hist
ory and the true origins our of ancestors philosophies and beliefs. The true origins of the hasbarat trap we live in today. So join us for this important broadcast."


9 "Tonights broadcast: I will be talking about the fake election on Tuesday night. I will also explain why my prediction on Romney did not materialize. The Jewish trick that put Obama back in office. Soros and his talmudic voting machines as it relates to the new Marrano Jewish elite Spanish Inquisition. The destruction of Western society through the multicultural Obama Victory. The end of the old guard powers and the new banana republic of america. Plus your phone calls. This wil be a very importnt broadcast."

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Lugh's Den radio show now live on Renegade Broadcasting! Archives for episodes 1-7.

Lugh's Den is now on live at http://www.RenegadeBroadcasting.com through the a former blogtalk radio host that will not be named.
Show is slated for 8 PM EST

**********************SHOW IS CURRENTLY ON HIATUS **********************

Here is a archival list of episodes 1-7:

1 ) Landmark pilot episode of Lugh's Den!!  Poltical talk. Inversion summary. New reflections on communism. 

2 ) First half: Fixing judaism pragmatically, Second half: "Dreamsphere" esoteric meanderings and related implications
*show cut out early in the second hour
*mistakingly said Bach instead of von Goethe midway through the show

3 ) My first guest the one, the only, the incendiary Celtic Rebel!
   We broke down the wetwork mechanism of social engineering that is the Authoritarian Personality operation of the Frankfurt school, waxed philsophical on "dark age" history (including Longshanks and Judaism and the events associated with them).. and dark age current events, polar dichotomies and much, much, more! Don't miss it.
Show notes:
 "one ring to rule them all - a tale of a forgotten kingdom" the video I mentioned describing the "cold war politics" between Khazaria, Rome, Der Jude and Europe
Exerpt from Kevin MacDonalds "Culture Of Critique", the Frankfurt School chapter. Check out http://www.kevinmacdonald.net/ for his full library and http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/ for his "webzine" site chock full of excellent articles by many great writers.
Kali Yuga as a game
Game Theory
*correction: black plague happened shortly after the onset of the 100 year war not afterwards

4 ) Metaphysics of Polarity! Reclaiming Irmunsul, Natural Philosophy and what we lost! The terrible secret of TellEvilZion! Political breakdowns! And more!! Don't miss it!
Show notes:
The Naddreds or Druids (this is from the infamous "Dave from Texas")
Kyballion (final chapter)
My dissertation on the Dream-Media-Dreams genetic rewriting theory
Practical Idealism by Count Richard N. Coudenhove Kalergi - published in Vienna 1925.
Wise Men In Their Bad Hours by Robinson Jeffers
Arkhaim / Arctic Aryan video I mentioned during the show
Adorno article

5 ) http://www.mediafire.com/?1jstwpx40ffdr2t
Join Hyle Koont and I in the Lugherbunker for an emergency strategy meeting as we pick off where we left off on Star Theory and go into the Golden Age and how we might get there.. become stronger ourselves, dispelling the black magic and through some old school cold war style political game and much more!

6 ) Tonight I'll be covering issues concerning the scientific world and how it's been inverted and the shysters doing it.. how it's all be framed and mangled to appear like it's something it's not!! Cosmology from the moon to galactic center.. to the tribe to the mind... it's all been a lie, and I'm gonna be talking about it !
Might hit some other issues.. the evening Jews.. might hit some racial issues.. solutions and possible allies.. constructing a working resistance.. and MORE!!! Download

show notes:
Review of Schlafly's "How Einstein Ruined Physics"
Ethnic Conflict In German Physics
Schlafly's Blog
Schlafly on Higgs and the Aether
Thunderbolts.info Plasma Cosmology Research
Guiliani's plasma cosmology episodes
Also check out charlies "early earth: a paradise" shows if you like this side of charlie
truth militia show mentioned at the end of the show, check them out

7 ) Mike Sledge and I in a discussion on election fallout, multiculturalism and the state of America. Great interview.

Also check out my interview with Kyle Hunt on his Star Theory show on Oracle Broadcasting http://www.startheoryradio.com/2012/09/15/exploring-the-reasoning-of-the-third-reich/
Show broadcasts Friday evenings at 8pm EST

Two other shows with Kyle and Celtic Rebel on Star Theory: Fighting For Minds in the Culture Wars , Correcting Criminality and Corruption.

And here is the original "Renegades Unchained", a late night discussion I had with Greg from NJ and Stevo from Wisco

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dancing for Life: The Trauma and the Tantra

I've seen other researchers talking about this recently so I thought I'd do a quick article on it and something that can help.

Most of us are torn into this world in tears. Fate would have it our brains are too big for our britches.
Childbirth is complicated in humans relative to other primates. Unlike the situation in great apes, human neonates are about the same size as the birth canal, making passage difficult. The birth mechanism (the series of rotations that the neonate must undergo to successfully negotiate its mother's birth canal) distinguishes humans not only from great apes, but also from lesser apes and monkeys. Tracing the evolution of human childbirth is difficult, because the pelvic skeleton, which forms the margins of the birth canal, tends to survive poorly in the fossil record. Only 3 female individuals preserve fairly complete birth canals, and they all date to earlier phases of human evolution. Here we present a virtual reconstruction of a female Neandertal pelvis from Tabun, Israel. The size of Tabun's reconstructed birth canal indicates that childbirth was about as difficult in Neandertals as in present-day humans, but the canal's shape indicates that Neandertals had a more primitive birth mechanism. A significant shift in childbirth apparently occurred quite late in human evolution, during the last few hundred thousand years. Such a late shift underscores the uniqueness of human childbirth and the divergent evolutionary trajectories of Neandertals and the lineage leading to present-day humans.

Neandertal birth canal shape and the evolution of human childbirth; Abstract
You can read more in detail here.

 Before recent times, humans often did not survive child birth as this matter is so severe. You do not hear of it much.

The obvious physical damage is clear, but unfortunately in most cases.. the door hits your ass on the way out.

Freud pops up here again, not surprisingly. Citing that it's not true and that you are a no good mother fucker. (Blaming the problems from birth trauma on the Oedipus complex.. this is what I call an Archontic Inversion. I will address this in detail eventually.)

And relating to my last post, the consiquences of the head being too large for the birth canal causes futher damage on instinct, allowing it to be more easily rewritten.

Your birth is extremely important to who you are.

One of the best researchers on the subject I have found is  Janice Barcello:

Jeanice Barcelo, M.A., is a birth doula and independent childbirth educator, specializing in the prevention and healing of birth trauma. She is an international speaker, TV and radio show host, and founder of the forthcoming "Birth of a New Earth Preparatory School for Conscious Procreation." Jeanice has been an independent childbirth educator for the past 7 years, offering educational seminars and teacher trainings. During the first hour we discuss the disturbing aspects of standard baby delivery protocols and procedures within the hospital. Jeanice will talk about the pain and torture that a baby endures during the birthing process as well as the interference that occurs between baby/parent bonding. Many unnecessary and insane procedures are now commonly acceptable during the birthing process. Where did this begin and why?

One other great trauma related to birth is circumcision. This issue is a much more complex one. Every other month I am hearing of new problems this brings about and only makes things much worse then they already are.

Many researchers believe that these traumas could actually be leading to the bulk of the psychological problems we face today.

Although, there are ways we can begin to confound this. For now, I am going to focus on one.. I found this to be such a beautiful truth I wanted to share it.

Belly dancing has always fascinated me and I always thought there was something truly surreal to it.

Tits or ass? If you're a western male you've probably been asked this question. It's a tough one to answer as well. Hollywood brainwashing aside.. the hourglass figure seems very important. Are we just taking apart the Oreo and eating the cookie here?

Leaving the vessel for the vestiges?

Would you purchase a stroller if it has a nice trim but it was missing a wheel?

It was seem this practice, the natal dance could play a large part in reducing birth trauma.
The "birthing practices" theory covers a sub-set of dance movements in modern Raqs Sharqi. Strongly publicized by the research of the dancer/layperson anthropologist Morocco (also known as Carolina Varga Dinicu), it involves the rework of movements traditionally utilized to demonstrate or ease childbirth. Although lacking an "origin point", this theory does have the advantage of numerous oral historical references, and is backed by a commentary in the work The Dancer of Shamahka.

It would also seem it is very ancient and has roots in Goddess worship. It is the oldest style of dance that is known to us, and began as a fertility ritual.

Maha Al Musa - Dance of the womb, and Birthing Sense bring you information about how belly dancing is great for labour and birth

We have many problems today, we are coming to the time where we can find where our traumas and problems come from and how we can try to come to terms with them. Many of those answers lay in our ancient rituals, often from the feminine aspect of that since it has been so suppressed Priestarchy that runs much of the world today.

This is a much wider issue, and I just wanted to do a brief introduction to the issue. I am sure there is more to this, like most things.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hollywood Nightmare I: Lucid Rising

I look to make this a series of posts, here I will just give some backround and introduction to this topic.


One great hobby of mine is what I like to call "reverse social engineering", that is to labor to undo the
mental manipulation that is imposed by the elite, supremecist class upon the rest of us.
The mightiest of their tools to this end is television, at one time you could say it was religion that took this prize but since the advent of film, it has taken a back seat.
So, in this series I will look at this topic from a new angle in an attempt to tear down a few new walls, as it were.

First, a disclaimer. If you do not think everything coming out of Hollywood (especially your favorite shows) isn't there to turn you into a willing slave drone for Israeli and other elitist interests.. you're in the wrong place, or you need to futher research the matter. I might cover the 101 of it in a later post, but for now I'm treating this as a "post conspiracy" blog.

If you were to study the structure of the propaganda being used today, you would notice that much of the groundwork was layed down in the work of psychoanalysists like Freud and Jung (they were not looking out for your best interests, sorry.) and the Frankfurt School, a group of Marxists who are responsible directly for most of the societal degredation we see today..

This might be a topic I will expound upon in the future in detail, but for now I will stick to the issue at hand. But most of this work wasn't to make you feel better. It was to control you. Drug you. Dehumanize you.

We see many traces of these works in modern media. For example.. Jung's thoughts on collective consciousness relate to what's erroneously called "synchromyticism" which is basically placing higher esoteric concepts into films so it creates an aura of "connectedness", many characters in film and television will loosely follow the stories of mythological characters like Christ or Hercules. This allows further infiltration into the mind and perhaps overwriting these myths will more perverse morals of the story. This is similar to how the Catholic church integrated pagan rites and holidays into Vatican lore as well as how Astrotheology is injected into the Abrahamic religions themselves.

If you research these "great psychologists" objectively you will begin to see the threads that bind us today often result from the bile spewn by their pens. I prefer philosophy anyway.

 Marcuse was another one who's work was particularly dangerous. He pushed what he called "polyamourous perversity" that people should abandon all morals and values and sink into petty carnal decadence. What do you see today? How many do you know have abandoned love for lust? And if you think that's bad, the generation after you is twice as fucked up.
You can see many other connections which I again may expound upon later if you study these guys.

But what is the bulwark of much of the work of this psycho-anal-ism is about dream interpretation.

So.. what do dreaming, Hollywood and psychoanalysis have in common? The answer is rather dark.

First let's look at television and it's effect on people..

More on brain waves and television here and here.

Oneric Theory
In a film theory context, the term oneiric (/oʊˈnaɪrɪk/; "pertaining to dream") refers to the depiction of dream-like states in films, or to the use of the metaphor of a dream or the dream-state to analyze a film. The connection between dreams and films has been long established; "The dream factory" “...has become a household expression for the film industry”. The dream metaphor for film viewing is “one of the most persistent metaphors in both classical and modern film theory”, and it is used by film theorists using Freudian, non-Freudian, and semiotic analytical frameworks.
Early film theorists such as Ricciotto Canudo (1879-1923) and Jean Epstein (1897-1953) argued that films had a dreamlike quality. Raymond Bellour and Guy Rosolato made psychoanalytical analogies between films and the dream state, and claimed that films have a ‘latent’ content that can be psychoanalyzed as if it were a dream. Italian film director Pier Paolo Pasolini argued that dreams carry messages using a common store of signs. Lydia Marinelli states that before the 1930s, psychoanalysts “...primarily attempted to apply the interpretative schemata found in Sigmund Freud's Interpretation of Dreams to films.” More recently, Robert Eberwein has “...cull[ed] dream scenes from the entirety of cinematic history” to establish “...the validity of psychoanalytic terminology in the form of a taxonomy.”
Another way that films and dreams are connected in psychological analysis is by examining the relationship between the cinema exhibition process and the passive spectator. Roland Barthes, a French literary critic and semiotician, described film spectators as being in a “para-oneiric” state, feeling “...sleepy and drowsy as if they had just woken up” when a film ends. Similarly, the French surrealist André Breton argues that film viewers enter a state between being “...awake and falling asleep,” what French filmmaker René Clair called a “dreamlike state.” Edgar Morin's Le cinéma ou l'homme imaginaire (1956) and Jean Mitry's first volume of Esthétique et psychologie du cinéma (1963) also discuss the connection between films and the dream state.
The French surrealist playwright and director Antonin Artaud argued that the American burlesque genre, with its bizarre, lush costumes, and its mixture of dancing girls, comedians, mime artists and striptease artists, has oneiric qualities.

Not only are there direct, physical problems that arise.. but nearly all the content is dehumanizing. One need not look to far to notice this, it should already be apparent. It's all dick-and-fart jokes.. bitch-boys and fat slobs as examples of men.. cretins and whores as examples of women.. spandex clad state-servers and pop idols for the kids. And don't even get me started on the unadulterated faggotry. These aspects are important, and much of the small seemingly meaningless memes and themes in film will come into play as well.

So.. it's just a dream right? It's not important.

What is a dream anyway?

I will look into the esoterica behind dreaming in later articles in this series, but they connect with the Akashic, the Shaman, the Priestess and the Goddess.

If you've had a pet cat or dog.. you've noticed it dream very likely. You will notice it react like it is around loved ones or escaping a predator or fighting a rival, etc. What's going on here?

Primitive instinct rehearsal theory of dreaming

(from wikipedia)
Two researchers have postulated that dreams have a biological function, where the content requires no analysis or interpretation, that content providing an automatic stimulation of the body's physiological functions underpinning the human instinctive behavior. So dreams are part of the human, and animal, survival and development strategy.
Prof Antti Revonsuo (Turku university, Finland) has limited his ideas to those of "threat rehearsal," where dreams exercise our primary self-defense instincts, and he has argued this cogently in a number of publications.
Keith Stevens extends the theory to all human instincts, including threats to self, threats to family members, pair bonding and reproduction, inquisitiveness and challenges, and the drive for personal superiority and tribal status. He categorizes dreams, using a sample of 22,000 Internet submissions, into nine categories, demonstrating the universal commonality of dream content and instinct rehearsal. It is postulated that the dream function is automatic, in response to the content, exercising and stimulating the body chemistry and neurological activity that would come into play if the scenario occurred in real life, so that the dream does not have to be remembered to achieve its objective.
It is argued that, once a dreamer has experienced a threat in a dream (either to self or a family member), his/her ability to confront and overcome a real life threat is then enhanced, so that such dreams, in both humans or animals, are an aid to survival. The threat rehearsal can be specific, for instance, an attack from a savage dog, but it can also be general, in that the threat response physiology is activated and reinforced whilst dreaming.
For human reproduction, the theory states that dreams of pairing, bonding and mating stimulate the reflex to reproduce the species, with an emphasis on dreams that promote the principle of selection; the desire of the individual to find the best mate and to achieve the optimum genetic mixing. In that respect, the dream function conflicts with human values of fidelity and mating for life. Specifically, young women dream often of being pregnant and giving birth, overwhelmingly positive dreams that directly stimulate the urge to reproduce.
Regarding status, dreams about being superior or inferior to others are thought to stimulate the dreamer's determination to improve his status within the immediate human hierarchy, either through the positive physiology of success or the negative physiology of failure. Hence, dreaming is believed to promote competition and the reproductive success of those best suited to the environment.
Finally, other dreams stimulate the determination to explore and inquire, through the extremes of exhilarating dream achievements (positive physiology) or frustrating obstructions and barriers. The latter stimulates a determination not to give up in a quest, so that, in life, the individual and the species move forward. For the dreaming wildebeest, it may be a rich pasture over the hill; for the human dreamer it may be splitting the atom.

So.. dreaming, instinct and the self have a connection. 
The Gnostics believed the Goddess, Sophia dreamt the world into existence.

So what's going on here, and why is western society degenerating so rapidly?

Is Hollywood not altering your thinking, are they altering your genetics?

Are they not only altering your genetics, but the genetics of all who follow your bloodline?

End of Part I

Special thanks to Celtic Rebel (look him up for a wealth of work on media programming) and all the other reverse social engineers out there for helping me look into these matters.

The Coming of Lugh / Welcome to my blog

So, this is my first post on here. I am a researcher and student from Canada and
I'll using this to share my thoughts and research on esoteric errata, history, the
occult, poltics, technology and similar topics. I may also include other media such
as podcasts or include some aggregated news posts if it seems fit.
I guess that's it for now, thanks for reading!

I'll leave you with this poem, as it seems very apropo:

by Iarwain
Lugh the Il-Dana came to the Tara 
Lugh Samildanach came to the palace of the Tutha De 
Lugh, master of all arts, came to Eireann 
The gate keeper did not recognize Lugh 
The gate keeper asked the Il-Dana his name 
The gate keeper asked Lugh Samildanach what skill he possesed 
Lugh said: 
I am Lugh Samildanach 
I am Lugh the Il-Dana 
I am Lugh, master of battle 
The gate keeper said: 
We have no need of a battle master 
King Nuada de Danann is our battle master 
Nuada Airgitlamh is our battle master 
Lugh said: 
I am Lugh Samildanach 
I am Lugh the Il-Dana 
I am Lugh, master of healing 
The gate keeper said: 
We have no need of a master of healing 
Diancecht de Danann is our master healer 
Diancecht is master of all herbs and healings 
Lugh said: 
I am Lugh Samildanach 
I am Lugh the Il-Dana 
I am Lugh, master of knowledge 
The gate keeper said: 
We have no need of a master of knowledge 
Oghma de Danann is master of all learning 
Oghma is master of all knowledge 
Lugh said: 
I am Lugh Samildanach 
I am Lugh the Il-Dana 
I am Lugh, master of Sailing 
The gate keeper said: 

We have no need of a master of sailing. 
Mananan mac Lyr de Danann is our master of ships. 
Mananan mac Lyr, son of the sea, is our master of sailing 
Lugh said: 
I am Lugh Samildanach 
I am Lugh the Il-Dana 
I am Lugh, master of sorcery 
The gate keeper said: 
We have no need of a master of sorcery 
The Badb de Danann are mistresses of all sorcery 
The three sisters Macha, Nemhain and  
Morrigan are mistresses of all witchcraft 
Lugh said: 
I am Lugh Samildanach 
I am Lugh the Il-Dana 
I am Lugh, master of smithing 
The gate keeper said: 
We have no need of a master of smithing 
Goibniu de Danann is our master of smithing 
Goibniu is a master of all crafts 
Lugh said: 
              I am Lugh Samildanach 
I am Lugh the Il-Dana 
I am Lugh, master of the battle 
I am Lugh, master of healing 
I am Lugh, master of knowledge 
I am Lugh, master of sailing 
I am Lugh, master of sorcery 
I am Lugh, master of smithing 
I bid you, unless you know of another who is master 
of all these arts, take me to Nuada Airgitlamh, 
take me to Nuada, king of the Tutha de Danann. 
The gatekeeper went to Nuada. 
When Nuada heard of Lugh's coming he said: 
Let him come in, for never has his like entered 
this fortress 
Lugh the Il-Dana was admitted to the Tara 
Lugh Samildanach was admitted to the palace of the Tuatha De 

Lugh master of all arts found his place amongst the Tuatha de Denann